Passages: Reverence

A pilgrimage to sacred sites

There are places here on earth, places full of wonder, where spirits dwell and gods reside and the voices of the past tell vivid stories of great civilisations. Since time immemorial man has travelled the land, endlessly searching, conquering, advancing, always driven by the indefatigable human spirit.

There were always places of reverence, power and veneration, maybe because they represented a transition between our world and another or because they reminded us of the finiteness of our human existence. Today, these places give us a glimpse into the twilight of history - a life carved in stone, a totem painted on a wall or sacred scriptures on fragile parchment, these are the guardians of our past.

Photographed over a period of 6 years, these images tell of the unwritten stories of those places, the songs of our forefathers and the tales of the beginnings of our spiritual journey.